EMC3 | Design Indaba 2016
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Design Indaba 2016


15-19 February, 2016


Cape Town, South Africa

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About This Project

The Design Indaba is an annual design conference held in Cape Town. It has been referred to as the ‘Conference on Creativity’ as it brings graphic designers, inventors, architects, artists & musicians together to share their ideas and processes.
Chairman Baba-Jallah Epega of emc3 manages Helen Isibor-Epega, the Nigerian born singer-songwriter, composer and performance artist know by her stage name ‘The Venus Bushfires’,who was invited to speak and perform at the conference. The Venus Bushfires performed a Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera which was also produced & sponsored by emc3.
Last summer 2015, emc3 worked as consultants for Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera by The Venus Bushfires helping to manage their budget, acquire creative personnel, develop as well as execute a successful brand awareness campaign.
emc3 continues to guide Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera towards becoming a globally recognised brand operating at the highest level of production and performance art.
The Venus Bushfires also created music for Christian Dior, Sony PlayStation, Disney, Oxfam, British Asian Trust (one of HRH Prince Charles’ personal charities) and her songs have featured on French television and documentary films.

In 2008 she orchestrated the world’s first ever ‘hang flash gig’ at the Lovebox festival which was broadcast on Channel 4.

emc3 also put in place The Venus Bushfires feature on CNN African Voices and numerous performances around the world including at the Saatchi Gallery (London), London Fashion Week, the Victoria and Albert museum, Old Vic Tunnels, Amnesty International, Oxford University, BBC radio and tv, Arise tv, Royal Horticultural Society, The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, Rio Carnival & many Festivals in Lagos, Benin City & Abuja.